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Adobe Photoshop Basic to Intermediate.


It began in 2001 at UiTM Seri Iskandar Perak. My housemate was an Architecture students and Interior Design Students. And me? I was a Town and Regional Planning Student. Then,  I saw their report and study page cover, it was amazingly beautiful, enhanced, sophisticated. And i wished to that too.  From that moment, i fall in love with Adobe Photoshop. It was Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Not much different from now. Still the same Genius Software that suit every graphic needs.

( I’ll tell you guys in detail in the class soon! :D)

So i’ll teach you guys, as the same way on what i’ve learned. You’ll will be able to do at least a poster on the day itself. The very same day you know about these tools below.

What Will You Learn?

The Function of the Tools Panels

Selection Tools
Crop and Slice Tools
Measuring Tools
Retouching / Effect Tools
Painting Tools
Drawing Tools
Pen Tools
Navigation Tools.

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These tools i will categorize to 3 Main Tools. And we will learn in details with example and practical on their functions.

1. Selection tool

Kelas Photoshop Shah Alam (3)

  2. Retouching and Effect Tools

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3. Text and Pen Tool

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4. Layer Blending

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5. Layer Style

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6. Clipping Mask
7. Font
8. Brush System
9 Some of the Upper Options Menu
10 Transform Control and Effect
11 Scale, Rotate, Skew, Distort, Perpective, Warp, Flip.
12 Filter on Liquify, Oil Paint, Blur, Distort, Noice and more.

I’ll also share about my experience in Design and Printing, Advertising, Online Media and Many more tips and tricks. Which kind of design that suit specific needs. Google Tips and Ethic. Rules and Regulations, with many more.

I’ll teach you from zero, till you can design like me, or even better than me.
Each Class i will limit the students number. Max is 4 students.

9.00 am to 9.45 am – Theories and Realtime Experiences
9.45 am to 12.45 pm – All the main Tools + Blending + Style Options
12.45 pm to 1.15 pm – Tutorial and Rest.

(At this point, student will be asked to select 1 POSTER from any sources ( mostly internet) the one that they really want to Copy. We will learn to the max possibility to copy those poster till the end of the class at 6.00 pm)

Student will be invited in a special class (Alumni) so that they can keep learning within the teachers guidance and at the same time other students will also benefit from it (Questions, sharing, tips and tricks) with being condemnd by the experienced graphic designer. You ask and we will answer it. No slandering, sarcasm, etc. Positive and 100% learning atmosphere.

You Know Nothing About Photoshop? And yet you really want to know? With passion, you learn and with passion, i’ll teach and share at my best.
Oh ya, ill teach in Malay + English. U’ll understand ( For Malaysia and Singaporean Buddies, don’t worry :D)

Here is some of testimonies that i got. And u’ll be suprised to know many students who came to my class, it was their 1st moment with Adobe Photoshop 😀

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Alumni List ( Updated 26/12/2014)

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Fees Rm200 For Students
Rm300 For Public
(with Free 1 Refreshment Classes)
Max 5 People For 1 Day  (Normal Class at Section 22 Shah Alam)

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